Client's Testimonial


"Dr. Pope, With your skills and understanding of academic writing and grammar I was able to submit my Research Plan, which revealed clarity and A comprehensive flow. Additionally, you took time to determine the support  I needed as well as what was required by the university for acceptance of my

 document.  I am grateful for your support and expertise. My plan was accepted and I am now gathering data to complete analysis of my human research study. Thank you. I have learned so much from your expertise. And, forever grateful."

Doctorial Candidate at Capella University


Ed Perry's Review


Innovative, forward looking and people centered service. The utmost professionalism was exhibited during all of our interactions. Remained fully focused on the overarching goal, and utilized a series of very smart goals to reach it. Communication was established and maintained as needed throughout the scope of the project.

Community Leader


 Thank you DrSheila Pope for your dedicated service to our schools, seniors, and to our greater community at large! Together, we must all continue to be strong women who use our voices to help those who may feel voiceless at times. We are change agents and are strongest United!- State Representative Shawn Thierry.

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