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Filming Television Show, "Conversations with Dr. Pope"


Dr. Pope, our CEO, is a television producer. She can help:

  • Businesses promote their products. 
  • Communities and programs share their events. 
  • Artists produce music videos. 
  • Individuals tell their stories.

We accept donations from sponsors to help offset the cost of their production. All of our programs will air on Houston Media Source Televison first. Then, the shows can be viewed in other location:

Comcast Ch17

AT&T U-verse Ch.99

Phonoscope Ch 96

Sudden Link Ch 99

Make an appointment via our website or contact us: or 832.633.8304.


Cameras are key to good filming.


Television producers do it all! Film content, edit, and produce final product.

Let us help you!


We can help you promote your products, community programs, or your small businesses. Make an appointment!

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2019 Boss Ladies Professional Network Vision Board Party

Boss Ladies Professional Network had a blast creating vision boards and sharing our visions for 2019.

Promo for Interview with Robin Burgess *Sponsored

Here is a little peek into my interview with judicial candidate Robin Burgess.

Promo Words of Wisdom from My Brother

Dating and Supporting Ex-Offenders

I filmed a three-part series with my special guest Reginald Guillory. He is an ex-offender and my brother. We talk about dating/loving ex-offenders in one of the segment. Take a quick look at peek into series.

Promo Sentenced to 25 Years

In my three-part series exploring how the criminal justice system has negatively impacted the lives of families in the African American community, I had the honor of interviewing my brother and an ex-offender, Reginald Guillory. He was so candid during the interviews. Here is a peek into his Conversation with Dr. Pope. 

Sponsored Conversation with Dr.Pope

If you missed my interview with judicial candidate Robin Burgess on Houston Media Source Television (, you missed a great conversation. Robin Burgess ran for  judge in Brazoria County. She was attempting to be the first African American judge in Brazoria County. She did not win, but she used Conversations with Dr. Pope to help expand her platform and to voters get to know her from a different lens. 

If you want to book a sponsored segment with Dr. Pope book an apt. 832.633. 8304.

Celebrating Worthing High School Success

 Dr. Sheila Pope, producer and host of "Conversations with Dr. Pope" wanted to celebrate Worthing High School's successful transition from the Improvement Required list to Met Standard. The entire school worked hard to make the transition. Dr. Pope interviews guests, many community leaders and elected officials, to get their response.

The show can be seen on Houston Media Source Television

Comcast ch.17/AT&T U-Verse ch.99/ Phonoscope ch.96/Sudden Link Ch.99