Digital Publishing

Unleash the Book that Resides in You!


Pope's Resource Center, LLC Publishing can help you unleash that book you have talked about writing for years. No more talking! Let's get started. We can help you write, edit, and publish your next best seller.  We specialize in digital publishing. We can distribute your ebook on Apple products, Kindle, and any other digital format. We can publish your book in hard back or paperback version if requested. It is easier and cost less to publish your books in digital format. We do all of the layouts, add the photos, video, and other content. You simply write the book. If you do not want to write it, we can do that too.

Write Your Manuscript


Editor will make edits to text of 200 page manuscript. Edits will consist of corrections for grammar and writing style. Then, we can take it to the next level and help you produce your product.  

Ghostwriter at Your Service


If you have a story line or an idea, but you do not have the time or writing skills , we can collaborate and write your book for you. Please contact us @832.633.8304 or book your appointment online.

Price List

The Resource Center does not guarantee any particular grades on essays. The Resource Center does not steal client's ideas for books. We can help you publish and distribute your books.