Peoples United Summit


Pope's Resource Center, LLC has a partnership with Peoples United Summit 501c3. Peoples United Summit's mission is to significantly improve the lives of the people of Houston, TX and surrounding areas, particularly those who are unable to do for themselves or as the scripture declares, "the least of these".



Pope's Resource Center, LLC has a Joint Venture with Leap72. Leap72 is a strategic consulting firm that helps startups, midsize businesses and small corporations envision new ways to promote and deploy their products into the market. Our dynamic expertise in the areas of cloud computing, business strategy and brand development enable us to help our clients to seize the potential of the future, without sacrificing the opportunities of the present. At Leap72, our mission is to create the next 100 years by advancing entrepreneurship and innovation.

Mr. Allen Provost


Pope's Resource Center, LLC has a partnership with Mr. Allen Provost. Our partnership is focused on creating opportunities to make money.

SMAART Incubator


Dr. Sheila Pope serves on SMAART Incubator Advisory Board. She is the first member of the Advisory Board and the first female member of the Advisory Board.

SMAART is a nonprofit startup incubator facilitating startup development and resource allocation for black entrepreneurs in Texas. Supported by the economic development committee of theNAACP Houston - SMAART uses the power of startup economics to elevate black-owned startups. Making them smarter, faster and more competitive.

SMAART'S mission is to create sustainable ecosystems that fuel black startups in America.

Dr. Pope with SMAART Incubator Core Team


I had the opportunity to be "the first" female to be invited to serve on SMAART Incubator's Advisory Board.  I am so honored to be able to bring my ideas and wisdom to the table at SMAART Incubator.

People We Meet Due to Our Partnerships: OG Reginald Gordon

SMAART Incubator & Peoples United Summit