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A Little Motivation

This day made every struggle and barrier I had to overcome worthwhile. I to learn how to see the outcome before real manifestation could take place. I can show you how to accomplish your goal too. 


Dr. Sheila Pope

Dissertation Coach

Coaching Services

Dissertation Coach

If you are feeling stuck in the process of finishing up your dissertation, you need to contact Dr. Sheila Pope. 

She completed her Ph.D. in October 2015 from Capella University. She is well versed in the helping Ph.D /Ed.D candidates regain their focus and maintain their discipline. She can motivate clients to complete the writing/editing process. 

1. Clients determine how many months of service they need coaching.

2. During the coaching contract, clients can have telephone or video conference calls with Dr. Pope for an agreeded upon number of sessions. 

3. Clients will work through multiple strategies to move them forward in their creative process to complete their dissertation. 

4. Clients will be aided to mentally overcome barriers to complete their dissertation.

Dr. Pope understands the unique needs of candidates completing their doctorates online and via traditional graduate schools. More important, Dr. Pope can help clients set realistic goals and timelines to help you accomplish them. 

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Dissertation Editing Services

Editing Services

Pope's Resource Center, LLC provides dissertation editing services. We charge for individual services such as:

Editing proposals 

Edting Ethics papers

Editing individual chapters

Editing all five chapters  or

Editing per project (Capella University's Dissertation Capstones). 

Costs can range from $1500.00-$6000.00.

We review dissertations for grammar, APA format,  school's formats, word choices, margins, content, plagiarism issues, dates of sources, scholarly writing, and verb tense. 

We help identify issues and/or we can fix those issues for clients. We make corrections until your school approves your dissertation.   Call us to discuss your editing needs @ 832.633.8304.

Unique Services for Unique Clients

We only provide services for a limited number of students at a time. We are dedicated to our client's from start to finish of dissertations; therefore, our time is limited to meeting clients needs and concerns while they finish their dissertation. We specialize in helping students enrolled in Capella University online dissertation programs.

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